“FAIRY HONEY” HALO Lucky-Stone 4Tiger Pavé Sidestones Cathedral – Brilliant round Lab Grown Diamond – Solitaire Ring | Engagement Ring | Engagement Ring

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💎 Lab Grown Diamonds, cultured Diamonds, created Diamonds, lab diamonds, cultured diamonds.
100% genuine diamonds: IGI & GIA certificate.

🇨🇭 SWISS MADE, Handcrafted
💚 Recycled Gold & Platinum ☀️ Diamonds produced with Solar & Renewable Energies
💚🪵 Sustainable Packaging

Custom-made to the diamond and ring size for optimal wearing comfort and to ensure that the proportions are ideal and that the diamond is shown off in the best way possible.


“FAIRY HONEY” HALO Lucky-Stone 4Tiger Pavé Sidestones Cathedral – Brilliant round Lab Grown Diamond
Solitaire Ring | Engagement Ring

  • Brilliant, Round Cut Diamond, round diamond, round cut diamond
  • Tiger Claws:
    The claws/handles that hold the diamond are pointed “Tiger Claws”.
  • HALO Top:
    ca. 16 diamonds 1.50mm diameter diamonds (border, à 0.015 CARAT (ca. 0.25ct total)
  • 1/2 Pavé side diamonds:
    ca. 14 diamonds (each side ca. 7) 1.80mm diameter diamonds (sidestones), à 0.025 CARAT (ca. 0.35ct total)
  • Lucky-StoneBridge Accent, Signature Diamonds
    2 small approx. 1.00mm diameter à approx. 0.005 CARAT (approx. 0.01ct total)
    DEF VVS excellent Cut (Gallerystones at the bottom of the Prongs) Lab Grown Diamonds
  • small diamonds top quality:
    DEF (Color) VVS (Clarity) EX (Cut) Lab Grown Diamonds
  • 1 Point & Flush Fit:
    Frame comes together at 1 point -> ideal for combination with Eternity Ring & Wedding Band
  • curved Cathedral Setting:
    Ring-band continuation direction ½ height center stone, elegant curved shape with graceful rounded surface.

🧚‍♀️🍯 Fairy Honey – A fairytale ring of abundance and Abundance

The many glittering sweet diamonds on the round halo remind of the land of milk and honey pot that leaves nothing to be desired. Luxury, bling bling, abundance and prosperity.

This ring is hard to beat in glitter. The many little diamonds sparkle like crazy. They surround the centerstone and generously decorate the ring rail. Like something out of a fairy tale, princess-like. A beautiful and trendy classic.

The small sparkling diamonds give an enchanting glitter. Very nice for white center stones and also for fancy color diamonds. With Fancy Color diamonds, the sidestones provide the greatest possible color contrast so that the Fancy Color looks even better.

The two small Gallery Signature Diamonds, lucky diamonds, are a hearty, lovely detail. Together with the two straight prongs to the halo, they make the Special Toch.

The side stones raised thanks to Cathedral sparkle incredibly beautifully, the descending size of the side diamonds has something elegant, feminine. The ring is hard to beat the glitter. The modern rectangular 4 prong design puts the Solitaire diamond at the center. A fairytale princess diamond ring, a classic that is always on trend.

The small sparkling diamonds give an enchanting glitter. Very nice for white center stones and also for fancy color diamonds. With Fancy Color diamonds, the sidestones provide the greatest possible color contrast so that the Fancy Color looks even better.

Round Cut Diamond, Brilliant

What are the characteristics of a round diamond cut, brilliant? What are the advantages of a brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, engagement ring, solitaire ring, solitaire ring?
A round diamond cut, also known as a “brilliant cut,” has several characteristic features:

  1. Round Shape: A round diamond has a circular or round outer shape that gives it its characteristic appearance.
  2. Number of facets: Brilliant cut diamonds usually have 57 or 58 facets. These facets consist of 33 on the crown (the upper part of the diamond) and 25 on the pavilion (the lower part of the diamond). This arrangement of facets is designed to capture the light and reflect it back in the form of brilliance and fire.
  3. Table and Crown: The diamond has a flat top called the “table” and a faceted structure on the crown that reflects and refracts light.
  4. Culet: A round brilliant cut diamond usually has a small spot at the base called a “culet”.
  5. Symmetry: The brilliant cut requires a high degree of symmetry to achieve the optimum sparkle and fire. Well-worked symmetry provides an even play of light in the diamond.
  6. Sparkle: Due to the special arrangement of facets, the brilliant cut is known for its exceptional sparkle and fire. It captures the incident light, refracts it into the diamond and reflects it in the form of color play and brilliance.

A round brilliant stands for maximum brilliance, brightness and sparkle as well as a classic, symmetrical shape like the sun in nature.

The round brilliant cut is the most commonly used diamond cut for engagement rings and jewelry because of its timeless beauty and stunning sparkle. Careful finishing and cutting are crucial to show off the brilliance and fire of a round diamond to its best advantage.

Discover our exclusive Gallery Signature Diamonds, which turn every piece of jewelry into a work of art. Two small Lab Grown diamonds are hidden in our Lucky Stone collection, lovingly incorporated at the bottom of the prongs as cute details. These delicate “Gallerystones” not only add a special touch to any ring, but are also said to bring good luck and accompany the wearer on their journey through life. Immerse yourself in the world of Gallery Signature Diamonds and find your perfect piece of jewelry that not only shines, but also carries an unforgettable meaning.

Halo ring

What is a Halo Engagement Ring? What is so special about a Halo Diamond Ring? What distinguishes a halo solitaire ring?
A “halo engagement ring” is a popular design for engagement rings. The name “halo” comes from the circular (or sometimes square) ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the main diamond. This ring style gives the main stone a radiant and shiny appearance as the surrounding smaller diamonds reflect and enhance the light.
Halo solitaire rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they offer a way to highlight the main diamond and maximize its sparkle. This design can look romantic and eye-catching and is very popular with engagement couples. It also allows for some flexibility in choosing stone shapes and colors (Fancy Color Diamonds), as the main stone is accented by a halo of surrounding stones.

Pavé side diamonds on ring bar

What is a pavé solitaire rings or diamond pave engagement ring? What are the characteristics of a pavé engagement ring?
A “pavé engagement ring” is a ring design that creates a stunning and sparkling effect by embedding tiny diamonds “side diamonds” into the ring band. Sparkle: Due to the high number of diamonds on the surface of the ring, a pavé engagement ring sparkles particularly strongly and catches the light from many different angles. The light is reflected and amplified by the many facets of the gemstones. The word “pavé” comes from French and means “paved” or “set with paving stones,” which accurately describes how the small gemstones are set into the ring band. “Pavé the Path” means to pave the way. That something has been prepared for something else to follow and make it possible. New ideas, solutions etc. Everything is possible…
Pavé engagement rings are popular with many couples because of their sparkling appearance and ability to accentuate the main diamond or gemstone, making them a romantic and glamorous choice for engagement rings. The many small gemstones in the ring band give the ring an elegant and luxurious look.

Tiger Claws, Tiger Prongs, Pointed Diamond Grips

What are Tiger Claws or Tiger Prongs on a ring or other piece of jewelry?
Tiger Claws, also referred to as “tiger eyes” or “tiger prongs,” are a type of claw setting used in jewelry making to hold gemstones, especially diamonds, on a ring. They have their name because of their appearance, reminiscent of the claws of a tiger. Tiger Claws are usually very secure and provide a reliable way to attach the gemstone to the ring. The claws can have different shapes and lengths depending on design preference and gemstone shape. This type of setting is especially popular for solitaire rings where a single diamond or gemstone is the focal point. Visually, tiger claws or claw settings form a clear transition to the diamond with their tip, but usually have a bit more metal coverage as the claws or prongs securely encompass the gemstone. This additional metal cover provides a secure mounting and protection for the gemstone, but can also slightly limit the visible surface of the gemstone.

Tiger claws, also known as “tiger eyes” or “tiger prongs”, are a fascinating variant of claw setting in jewelry making. They are used for rings in particular and set an attractive accent with their characteristic design. Similar to the round handles that hold a diamond or gemstone in a piece of jewelry, Tiger Claws offer several advantages:

Security: Tiger Claws ensure that the diamond or gemstone is firmly and securely fastened. The claw-like prongs enclose the gemstone evenly, minimizing the risk of loss or damage and thus offering reliable security.

Emphasizing the beauty of the gemstone: The elegant design of the Tiger Claws emphasizes the natural beauty of the gemstone. Their ornate shape draws the eye to the main diamond or gemstone, emphasizing its brilliance and radiance.

Timeless design: Tiger claws give the piece of jewelry a timeless and appealing appearance that retains its elegance over the years. This timeless quality makes it a versatile choice that can be combined with different styles and preferences.

Versatility: Tiger Claws can be harmoniously combined with different diamond shapes and jewelry styles. Whether round, princess, emerald or other gemstone shapes, the graceful form of the Tiger Claws is versatile.

Comfortable to wear: The clever design of the Tiger Claws ensures that they are comfortable to wear without leaving sharp edges on the skin.

Maximum light transmission: The tiger claw-like setting allows optimum light transmission to the diamond or gemstone. This contributes to improved sparkle and shine, as the light can penetrate the gemstone more easily.

In summary, Tiger Claws are a proven and intriguing choice for jewelry as they highlight the beauty of the main diamond or gemstone while offering a timeless elegance similar to the benefits of round handles.

Flush Fit

The term “flush fit” refers to the seamless fit between the engagement ring and the eternity ring, where both rings fit perfectly together without a visible gap or space between them. When the engagement ring and eternity ring fit together seamlessly, it is often referred to as a “flush fit”. This design offers several advantages:

  1. Continuous Design: The seamless fit between the rings creates a continuous design where they look like a matched set.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Flush Fit Rings have an aesthetically pleasing effect as they enhance the appearance of the rings and together create a harmonious overall look.
  3. Comfortable to wear: since the rings are adjacent to each other without gaps, wearing both rings at the same time is more comfortable as they cause less friction or discomfort.

So the term “flush fit” refers to the connection between an engagement ring and an eternity ring where they are flush and seamless.


Which metal should I choose for my engagement ring, solitaire ring or jewelry?
Choose your favorite metal from PT950 platinum, 18 carat 750 palladium white gold, yellow gold, 4N rose gold, red gold, bicolor or two-tone.
Are environmental friendliness and ethics important to you? Would you like ecological recycled gold or platinum? Eco-gold?

“FAIRY CANDY” CUSHION Halo Pavé Sidestones Gallerystone Cathedral

“FAIRY AMBROSIA” HALO 4Tiger Lucky-Stone Pavé Side Diamonds Cathedral – RADIANT EMERALD Lab Grown Diamond – Solitaire Ring | Engagement Ring | Engagement Ring

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Centerstone or small diamonds in Fancy Color Diamonds

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