Trends 2023

OLD DESIGN & latest fashion trends

Consumers are looking for a combination of vintage design and the latest fashion trends.

Metaverse COLORS

Colors associated with the metaverse, gaming and Web 3.0. Through colors we communicate our vision, perspective and point of view.


Generation Z and younger Millennial men and women feel very comfortable wearing pearls and diamonds. The world of jewelry is becoming visibly blurred. Individual pieces that can be purchased separately and fluidly combined with each other. This is a new dimension of design and styling.


Combining old jewelry with modern objects to create personal items that appeal to the present and the future -> emotions, love and relationships. A personal journal in which you carry something – a talisman or object that has meaning and makes you feel special. Jewelry inspired by certain lettering, medallions, figures. Combination of jewelry from different cultures.


Environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical diamonds and jewelry.


Jewelry designers often reinterpret their visions to meet changing consumer preferences. Meeting the individual needs of their customers through personalization.

The demand for custom jewelry will continue to grow and people want to personalize their jewelry to express their individuality. Jewelry is something so personal, often something we never take off, and an investment, so it makes perfect sense to customize it to your exact specifications.


  • Lab diamonds & ESG / Sustainability:
    → more and more people pay more attention to environmental friendliness, zero-waste, so the jewelry must comply with this philosophy. The popularity of lab grown diamonds that are conflict free is growing with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Camila Mendes, Meghan Markle, Bindi Irwin, Zoe Kravitz. etc.
  • Fancy Color Diamonds (colored diamonds -> Yellow, Blue, Pink)
  • White round diamond
  • Elongated shape: Cushion, Oval and Emerald cuts
    → Professional tip: An elongated shape makes the diamond look bigger because it is not that deep, but has more surface (face-up area)
    → Oval shape: a perfect mix of classic and trendy which visually elongates the finger. e.g. Stars: Hailey Bieber
Green Earth. Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.
Green Earth. Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.
Lab Diamonds | Lab Grown Diamonds | Lab created Diamonds | man made Diamonds | cultured Diamonds | Cultured Diamonds Color Diamonds Blue & Yellow & Pink | Fancy Color Diamonds Blue & Yellow & Pink
Moss Rose Engaging Ring Lab Brown Diamonds-1
"ICE BUBBLE PAVE" Radiant 1Point - Workshop Photo 10


  • Statement earrings (The flashier the better! Bigger is better)


  • Tennis Bracelet
Tennis Bracelet Photo. Bracelet. Lab Grown Diamonds. Green World Diamonds.
Tennis Bracelet Photo. Bracelet. Lab Grown Diamonds. Green World Diamonds.


  • Layering
  • Everyday Diamond
Elle: Diamonds, Layering Necklace / Necklaces - Diamonds_Final-41


  • Classic solitaire rings:
    ultimate sophistication and timeless style
  • «Minimalist Rings»:
    “Less is more look”, keeping things simple
    … large diamonds go perfectly with the minimalism style, because the great stone is shown to its best advantage.
  • Delicate frames
  • Thin ring bands:
    Platinum, yellow and rose gold bands
    → so that you can see little metal and the diamond comes into its own and looks white or colored and shiny
  • Bezel ring (closed diamond):
    → Bezel = diamond is completely surrounded by a fine ring instead of prongs / spikes
    → Diamond is optimally protected and very practical and suitable for everyday use
    → Bezel makes the diamond look bigger
  • Vintage Rings (elaborately decorated metal)
  • 3-stone settings:
    → three times as many diamonds and ultimately three times as much sparkle. Nicely symmetrical, stands out from the others and attracts attention; e.g. Stars: Meghan Markle
  • Halo Rings (small diamonds around Centerstone):
    → Wow factor and star influence
    → makes the center diamond appear larger
    → Fancy Color Centerstone: with the white glittering border, the color comes into its own (greatest contrast white & colored)
  • Stackable Rings:
    → Engagement Ring + Wedding Band + Eternity Band stacked together
  • Ring that fits the personality and is authentic
  • Modern, personal and timeless
  • Custom made creations