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We help you find the perfect diamond & jewelry/ring….

Jewelry / Rings at Green World Diamonds


Jewelry / Rings from Green World Diamonds

  • Best quality
  • security
  • Individuality & tailor-made
  • Swissness (Swiss Goldsmiths & Atelier)

We are a Swiss company!
Our designers, goldsmiths, in-house stone setters and atelier are in Switzerland.
→ Top Swiss quality!


→ Diamond (size & dimensions: diameter & height):
All proportions and angles are ideally chosen to show diamond to its best advantage & wearing comfort is ideal. E.g. a smaller diamond is set higher and a large one with more depth is set lower
→ CAD illustrations
→ Plastic models e.g. ring to try out

In spite of our good prices you will receive a top quality that is individually tailored to you and your diamond. For example, our rings are individually produced for you and tailor-made to:

  • Diamond (Size & Mass)
  • Finger size

In this way we ensure that the diamond is shown to its best advantage, that the wearing comfort is ideal and that all proportions are chosen in the best possible way.

For example, we tend to set a smaller diamond higher so that it appears larger and is better accentuated, whereas a very large diamond is set slightly lower because the diamond itself already has a large height and it does not become too oversized and uncomfortable.

Metal choice tips

The type of jewelry metal affects everything from price to durability. It can even affect the color and sparkle of your stone, especially diamonds.

What is there to consider?

1. diamond color

  • White diamonds “colorless” (D-F) & “upper range near colorless” (G & H)
    Goes with everything, very beautiful with platinum & white gold
  • White diamonds minim “yellow tinted” (I & J)
    Rose gold or yellow gold
    For white diamonds with “warmer”/slightly yellowish colors, rose gold or yellow gold can accentuate the warm tone and look very nice. But you can also see such stones in platinum & white gold.
Image courtesy of IGI “Courtesy of International Gemological Institute”
  • Fancy Color Diamonds
    • Fancy Color Diamonds
      → Increase contrast with small white diamonds
    • Yellow Fancy Color
      → rose & yellow gold, or bicolor with yellow gold prongs
      With Fancy Yellow diamonds, the color of the metal setting can significantly affect their appearance. While yellow gold deepens the color of a yellow diamond, white gold and platinum can make the gemstone appear lighter.
    • Pink Fancy Color
      → Red gold?
    • Blue Fancy Color
      → Platinum & White Gold, Rose & Red Gold for a Vintage Touch

2. skin & hair type

  • Platinum/White Gold Type
    cool colors, often dark hair with rather light skin
    → D-H (Color, white diamonds)
  • Yellow-Gold Type
    warm colors, often blond hair tanned/dark skin
    → “I”-Color (white diamonds) also looks very nice with rose/yellow gold

3. allergies

  • Recommendation platinum
  • No nickel in the white gold at Green World Diamonds

Palladium white gold

Most expensive and noblest white gold. Completely without allergenic nickel.

Platinum jewellery has a much higher fineness than gold – jeweller’s platinum is approximately 95% pure platinum, whereas high quality 18 carat gold is only 75% fine gold (i.e. contains ¼ of other metals making it more susceptible to allergies).

You can learn more about the metal composition of Green World Diamonds jewellery under Our Metals.

Jewelry & Ring Choice Tips

  • Setting of the diamond
  • Presentation of the Center-Stones (main diamonds)
  • Ornamentation of the side ring rail
  • Ornaments around the center stone (main diamond)
    • Alternative to embellishments: Eternity & Metal/Wedding Bands
  • Ring-Band-Art

Diamond setting

“Low profile or high?

= Diamond close to the finger or rather lifted up in the air

“Flush fit” or distance?

If the ring band itself is continuous and it has no “basket” or “prongs” at the bottom for support, Eternity & Metal/Wedding bands can be added directly without spacing (visible gap).

If there is a small gap, this can often have charm.

For large distances, choose an Eternity Ring or a Wedding Band with a “round or square bulge”.

Prong = Diamond holder (prongs that hold the diamond)

  • Most common setting
  • Classic & timeless
  • Lets a lot of light reach the diamond => good brilliance & fire
  • Diamond well visible from all sides

6 Prong
  • Round appearance for round diamonds (6 prongs → optical circle).
  • Safer (in case 1 of 4 prongs is broken/loose → stone falls out faster and can be lost).
  • Better protection (diamond is better protected from “knocks” by 2 additional metal rods)
  • For 1 carat and very large stones very nice!
    (small stones (less than 0.5 carat) are optically covered by the prongs too much -> looks smaller)

4 Prong
  • Square appearance (4 prongs → optical square, except for flat prongs).
  • Ideal for small stones (under 0.5 carat)
  • Less metal on the diamond so the center stone can be the star of the show
  • You can see more of the stone (from above and from the side)
  • Often standard and sufficient in terms of safety

Bezel = closed set, fine metal hoop around diamonds

  • Modern & slim
  • Diamonds looks bigger thanks to bezel
    (larger overall picture of the stone due to fine metal ring/rim)
  • Best protection
  • Very suitable for gloves (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Very suitable for extremely active lifestyle
  • Easy care & carefree
  • hides part of the diamond, reduces light quantity a little bit
    (Sparkle and fire comes from diamond quality and good cut and not from light).

Center-Stone Presentation

classic solitaire = solitare diamond, without further stones

  • Classic, timeless, always modern
  • Most popular ring version
  • Is always a good choice for engagement rings
  • Versatile combinable e.g. with Eternity- & Metal-/Wedding-Bands ( Alliance)

Halo (Entourage) = border with small glitter diamonds

  • Lots of glitter “bling-bling
  • Center stone appears larger
  • Very nice for colored diamonds (Fancy Color) because the color of the Fancy Color diamond is ideally accentuated by the contrast of the white glitter stones.

3-Stone Setting = 2 smaller diamonds on both sides

  • Amplifies sparkle
  • Center stone appears larger
  • Very nice for colored diamonds (Fancy Color) because the color of the Fancy Color
    diamonds through the contrast of the white glitter stones ideally comes into its own
  • 3-stone rings represent the past, present and future

Jewellery / Ring Rail

Classic = no ornamentation

  • Super combinations with Eternity & Metal/Wedding bands ( Alliance)
  • Practical & easy to clean
  • As a rule ring size easily changeable

Vintage = ring style with intricate metalwork

  • Ornaments in metal
  • Makes ring look like from another era
    → Art Deco: symmetry and repeating geometric patterns
    → Edwardian jewellery: intricate filigree, often scrolling and floral patterns.
    → Victorian jewelry often includes rows of diamonds

Pavé = small accent stones on the ring hoop (on the side of the ring)

  • Effect that the ring is paved with diamonds
  • Lots of glitter “bling-bling
  • Gives color (idR. White)
  • minimally more sensitive than ring without stones

Channel = like pavé (small accent stones on the ring hoop (many small diamonds on the side of the ring))

+ Metal bands on both sides of the diamond row or accent stones

Ring-Band Art

  • Narrow ring tapes
    → Centerstone diamond appears visually larger (for this reason, many ring designs are thinned out in the direction of the centerstone diamond or towards the outside (knife edge)).
  • Stacking Multiple Rings (Eternity & Metal/Wedding Bands)
    better with narrow ring bands
  • Straight Band = straight band around finger
    Round (tube) or square

  • Knife Edge = edge of the shaft of a ring thinned out towards the top → visually narrower
    Of course, the “knife edge” is not sharp, but pleasantly fine.
    Seems almost invisible -> puts diamonds in the center & diamond seems bigger

  • Cathedral = ring-band continuation direction ½ height center-stone
    Ring rail is often set with small diamonds -> raises the stones higher, so that more light falls on them. However, these high set stones are also more susceptible to bumps, scratches and snags.

  • Split Shank = ring band divided into 2 halves