ESG / Sustainability

Green World Diamonds AG cares about people and nature

We believe that diamonds grown in the laboratory represent the pinnacle of human achievement. It is time to take responsibility for what mankind has done and will do to our planet, and to think about the true price of the products we consume. The use of rennet diamonds has seriously challenged the process of mining diamonds. Our team consists of only the best professionals. We work with all clients and the end buyer to ensure that our lab grown diamonds are handled in the most professional manner.

Lab Diamonds (Lab Diamonds)

  • No diamonds from mining
  • More sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Better CO2 footprint
  • additionally most of our suppliers work with renewable energies e.g. solar
  • Ethical
  • Social
  • No blood diamonds
  • Conflict-free, safe origin
Sustainability (Umweltfreundlichkeit) Vergleich Labor Diamanten versus Minen Diamanten. Green World Diamonds.

Swiss Jewelry (Swiss Jewelry)

  • Recycled metals (gold & platinum) -> RJC certified (Responsible Jewellery Council)
  • Swiss Handmade & Top Quality
  • Swiss Atelier & Top Goldsmiths
  • Own top stonemason (InHouse)

Packing (Packaging)

Sustainable Wooden Jewelry Boxes

  • Walnut from sustainable forests
  • Handmade
  • Made from 1 single piece → both parts form a beautiful, continuous unit
  • Finish with natural satin wax
  • Support for landscape regeneration initiatives

This handmade box is designed and made from beautiful sustainable woods.

Timber harvested under strict management systems to ensure that the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding areas is maintained.

Each box is uniquely designed to have the same grain in the lid and base. Your box is finished with a beautiful natural satin wax.

By receiving this beautiful box you have supported landscape regeneration initiatives.

Walnut (Juglans nigra) grows in the central United States primarily in areas with natural deciduous forests. About 90% of the hardwoods come from small private woodlands, mostly owned by families or individuals. Only 5% of private forests are owned by corporations. The professional foresters who manage these areas only cut a small number of trees each year and only when they have reached full maturity.
This ensures long-term, sustainable timber production and the biodiversity of the forest.
In addition, walnut is one of the few species that are both planted and naturally regenerated after harvest.
Forest inventories conducted by the federal government show that the net volume of walnut trees increases by 3.0 million m³ per year through sustainable forest management.
Few hardwood forest owners carry international certifications because the small size of their landholdings makes the cost of compliance unprofitable.

American Hardwood Export Council. (2008). Assessment of Lawful Harvesting and Sustainability of U.S. Hardwood Exports.

Certificate Folders & Business Cards

  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable paper
  • “Genesis” – the paper for creation -> 100% waste paper/recycled paper
  • “Blue Angel” label

Our folders for the diamond certificates and business cards are made of sustainable paper “Genesis” with “Blue Angel” label.

Genesis means creation story and stands for the origin, for nature. It represents the mighty nature from which we draw strength.
With Genesis we are opening a new chapter in the field of recycled papers. Genesis is 100% recycled paper. And it has a whiteness that makes you forget that.
The use of recycled paper is a contribution to conserving resources and preserving the original. A reduction to the essential and at the same time a new, intense experience.
Genesis has a past. And you determine the future.


The Blue Angel is an environmental label in Germany that has been awarded to particularly environmentally friendly products and services since 1978. The holder of the mark is the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

Carton Boxes

  • European through-dyed paper ✓ FSC Certified ✓ ISO 14001
  • No plasticizing ✓ No coating
  • Partly recycled cardboard
  • No foam -> all inserts made of cardboard
  • Water based glue

Most cardboard boxes have a plasticized surface and the inlays are usually with environmentally harmful cheap foam. Of course, this is out of the question for us as an environmentally conscious company. If the paper is superficially inked, the quality will not be correct because you will see a white line on the edge at the cut surface and there may be white dots from folding and wear. Therefore, we have chosen special European environmentally friendly through-dyed paper to ensure both sustainability and quality. You get a durable, environmentally friendly, top quality packaging…

Ribbon (Cotton)

  • Natural 100% organic cotton

Most tapes are made of plastic/plastic, i.e. polyester. For environmental reasons, this is of course out of the question for us, so we have chosen cotton.

Shopping-bag (Carton & Cotton)

  • GRS Scope certified natural 100% organic cotton = cord
  • European through-dyed paper
  • FSC Certified
  • ISO 14001
  • No plastification
  • No coating
  • Recycled sustainable cardboard
  • Water based glue

Most bags are made of plasticized paper/cardboard and have a polyester cord. That’s out of the question! Of course, our shopping bag must also be eco-friendly and super quality → cord made of 100% certified cotton, paper/cardboard made of the same European eco-friendly paper in thicker version without plasticization and coating, recycled inlay cardboard and water-based weatherproof glue.

Gift box. Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.