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GWD_Goldsmith-Swiss studio
TIGER PAVE 1.5mm 4Prong 1Point - Workshop Photo
GWD_Goldsmith - swiss atelier, Eternity Ring

🇨🇭 Swiss Made Fine Jewelry 🇨🇭 Luxury & Quality
Choose Lab Grown Diamonds, special sustainable genuine diamonds and top level Swiss Made quality jewelry. Our quality features include design and style as well as materials and workmanship.

🇨🇭 Swiss Made, Handcrafted
💚 Recycled Gold & Platinum


Can I have my own ring or piece of jewelry designed at Green World Diamonds, custom made, bespoke?

Tell us about your ideas, wishes, needs or show us photos for inspiration!

Design your piece of jewelry or ring!
We are happy to advise you and find your dream diamond (also search orders) and design your dream jewelry.


Our designers will be happy to help you create your perfect diamond jewelry. Based on your ideas or inspiration photos we design together with you your very individual piece of jewellery. The experience of the creation process starts from the rough sketch to the CAD computer visualization, 3D model to the plastic casting to the beautiful handmade piece of jewelry… This is how dreams become reality.


SWISS MADE top quality jewelry
Our designer, goldsmith, stonesetter and atelier are in Switzerland!
Our Swiss designers, goldsmiths and in-house stone setters have decades of experience and have a good feel and eye for proportions, angles, etc. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to an excellent feel.
An excellent stone setter is essential for the safety and beauty of the claws that hold the diamond. There are visually very big differences here!
We place the highest value on excellent quality “Swiss Made”. We work with the most modern technologies such as CAD-3D computer visualization. We are a Swiss luxury brand with attractive prices!

GWD_Goldsmith - Ring & Diamond

DREAM JEWELRY – ENJOY & Feel the Magic

Enjoy very special quality jewelry tailored to you personally, your needs, wishes and dreams.
Let us write your own story and experience.
Dream jewelry for eternity!


We are sustainable and ethical from A-Z:
-> Sustainable lab diamonds (many of our suppliers work with renewable energy e.g. solar).
-> Recycled metals (gold & platinum) -> RJC certified (Responsible Jewellery Council)
-> sustainable wooden jewelry boxes
-> sustainable packaging

Green World Diamonds AG cares about people and nature

We believe that diamonds grown in the laboratory represent the pinnacle of human achievement. It is time to take responsibility for what mankind has done and will do to our planet and to think about the true price of the products we consume.

Green Earth. Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.
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Why Lab-Grown Diamonds: 100% real, cheaper, sustainable
Why Lab-Grown Diamonds: 100% real, cheaper, sustainable
Moss Rose Engaging Ring Lab Brown Diamonds-1
Sustainability (environmental friendliness) comparison lab diamonds versus mine diamonds. Green World Diamonds.
Sustainability (environmental friendliness) comparison lab diamonds versus mine diamonds. Green World Diamonds.