Solitaire | Engagement Rings “3-Stone” 4-Prong Basket Knife-Edge

CHF 3'500.00, excl. Diamonds incl. 7.7 % CH-VAT


Price without diamond; stone setting work included.

“3-Stone” 4-Prong Basket Knife-Edge
Solitaire Ring | Engagement Rings

Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.

Swiss Handmade

Custom-made to the diamond and ring size for optimal wearing comfort and to ensure that the proportions are ideal and that the diamond is shown off in the best way possible.

  • 4-Prong
  • Basket: socket
  • Knife-Edge: ring rail go top tapered -> effect little metal visible

A beautiful and trendy classic. The 4-Prong design looks visually rectangular and makes a great picture with the Side-Stones. Thanks to the open design you can see the diamonds very nicely from the side, front and back.

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Preis inkl. Diamanten


Compatible Diamond-Forms

Cushion, Oval, Princess, Round

Possible Variations

Centerstone or small diamonds in Fancy Color Diamonds, Combination with Eternity Ring