Solitaire | Engagement Ring “TIGER PAVE 1.5mm Basket” OVAL

CHF 3'600.00, excl. Diamonds incl. 7.7 % CH-VAT


Price EXCLUDES center diamond INCLUDES sidestones; includes stone setting work.

Solitaire | Engagement Rings “TIGER PAVE 1.5mm Basket” OVAL

  • 1.50-1.60mm diameter à 0.015ct DEF VVS/VS excellent Cut (Sidestones)
  • 26 brilliants -> 2/3 covered
  • Basket: socket
  • Round: Ring rail round

Lab Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds. 100% real diamonds: IGI, GCAL, GIA certificate.
Solitaire Ring | Solitaire Rings | Engagement Rings

Swiss Handmade

Custom-made to the diamond and ring size for optimal wearing comfort and to ensure that the proportions are ideal and that the diamond is shown off in the best way possible.

A beautiful modern ringer yet classic one that is on trend. The 4-prong design with pointed “Tiger Claws” sets the center diamond nobly and discreetly. The 4 Prongs run to a Spite to “Claws” in front, which results in a fine and special optics.

Thanks to the basket design, the diamond sits rather firmly on the finger.

The small diamonds adorn the ring band and add an enchanting sparkle. Very nice for white center stones and also for fancy color diamonds. With Fancy Color diamonds, the sidestones provide the greatest possible color contrast so that the Fancy Color looks even better.

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Preis inkl. Diamanten


Compatible Diamond-Forms

Asscher, Cushion, Heart, marquise, Oval, Princess, Radiant, Round

Possible Variations

Combination with Eternity Ring, Small diamonds on the ring rail