Diamond Necklace | Pendant “ANGEL CUSHION” Halo

From CHF 2'990.00, excl. diamonds incl. 8.1 % CH-VAT

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Price without large diamonds (including total stone setting & including small diamonds)


💎 Lab Grown Diamonds, cultured Diamonds, created Diamonds, lab diamonds, cultured diamonds.
100% genuine diamonds: IGI & GIA certificate.

🇨🇭 SWISS MADE, Handcrafted
💚 Recycled Gold & Platinum ☀️ Diamonds produced with Solar & Renewable Energies
💚🪵 Sustainable Packaging

Custom-made for diamonds (as well as the depth) for optimal wearing comfort and ideal proportions so that the diamond looks as beautiful as possible.

Diamond Necklace | Pendant

Necklace (anchor chain) and pendant (different carats & lengths available).

  • Cushion Cut Diamond , Cushion Cut Diamond, Cushion Cut Diamond
  • 1 Carat + Halo Pendant + 1.3-1.5 mm Thickness Anchor Chain
  • 1.5 Carat + Halo Pendant + 1.5mm Thick Anchor Chain
  • 2 Carat + Halo Pendant + 1.5-1.7 mm Thickness Anchor Chain

small brilliants at “Halo” pendant (Entourage) in proportions to centerstone
e.g. at 2carat Cushion Cut Center Stone

  • 1.3mm DEF VVS/VS EX Round Brilliant Lab diamonds, approx. 22 pieces à 0.01ct, total approx. 0.22ct
  • Variant: Fancy Color Diamonds e.g. Blue, Pink

Swiss Handmade

Beautiful classic “halo” diamond necklace that is on trend. The small diamonds give a brilliant glitter like the stars in the sky. They frame and decorate the center stone, making it sparkle and shine. Very nice with a white diamond (centerstone) and ideal also with colored centerstone (fancy color diamond), because the small white diamonds increase the color contrast, thus intensifying the color and giving an excellent sparkle. Goes with everything → jeans, evening dress, business outfit, etc.

Contact us for other options, e.g. adjustability.


Cushion Cut Diamond Necklace, Cushion Cut Diamond Necklace, Cushion Diamond Pendant, Cushion Necklace. Cushion Diamond Necklace, Cushion Diamond Pendant.

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Thickness anchor chain (mm)

1.3 (0.7ct), 1.3 (1ct), 1.5 (1.5ct), 1.7 (2ct)


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Compatible Diamond-Forms

Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, Heart, marquise, Oval, Princess, Radiant, Round

Possible Variations

40 – 50 cm length adjustable, 40 cm length, 41 cm length, 42 cm length, 45cm length