Eternity Ring | Alliance Ring | Wedding Band “1001NIGHT” Pavé Arcade 1.50mm 0.55 Carat Diamonds

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Eternity Rings | Eternity Band | Alliance Ring | Promise Ring | Celebration Ring | Memoire Ring | Memory Ring | Wedding Band

💎 Lab Grown Diamonds, cultured Diamonds, created Diamonds, lab diamonds, cultured diamonds.
100% genuine diamonds: IGI & GIA certificate.

🇨🇭 SWISS MADE, Handcrafted
💚 Recycled Gold & Platinum ☀️ Diamonds produced with Solar & Renewable Energies
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– For singles
– For Married | Engagement | Wedding

“1001NIGHT” Pavé Arcade 1.50mm 0.55ct
Eternity Rings | Eternity Band | Alliance Ring | Wedding Band

  • Hand forged ring (not cast) so that the metal has more hardness and the heavily exposed diamonds on the bottom can withstand large stresses well
  • Round Brilliant Diamond, round diamond brilliant
  • 1.50mm Diameter Rounds Brilliant
    DEF (Color) VVS (Clarity) EX excellent Cut
  • Fancy Color Yellow (HPHT) / Blue (CVD) / Pink (CVD) excellent Cut
  • approx. 36 pieces of rennet diamonds à approx. 0.015ct
  • total approx. 0.55 carat

A beautiful modern yet timeless Eternity ring. It is very comfortable to wear every day, uncomplicated, not fussy and very durable. Eternity rings are absolutely trendy and are very popular with single women but also worn in combination with solitaire. Very nice also to stack several rings, engagement ring, wedding ring, eternity ring or one white and one colored eternity ring together. Nowadays, this combination is almost part of…
Goes with everything → jeans, evening dress, business outfit, etc.
The ring gives a great sparkle! Thanks to the excellent diamond quality, the sparkle is really excellent.

Arcade / Pavé
= small accent stones open on the side
✓ Effect that the ring is paved with diamonds
✓ lots of glitter «Bling-Bling»
✓ Trend, modern

What is a Scallop Setting or Pavé Eternity Rings or Diamond Pave Setting Alliance Ring? What are the features of an Arcade Eternity Ring?
A “pavé eternity band” is a ring design that creates a stunning and sparkling effect by embedding tiny diamonds “side diamonds” into the ring band. Scallop setting refers to the way the settings (the holders in which the gemstones are set) are cut or shaped in a piece of jewelry. In the scallop setting, the settings are cut in a curved or wavy manner around the gemstone. These settings create a decorative and organic look while holding the gemstone securely.
Sparkle: Due to the high number of diamonds on the surface of the ring, a pavé engagement ring sparkles particularly strongly and catches the light from many different angles. The light is reflected and amplified by the many facets of the gemstones. The word “pavé” comes from French and means “paved” or “set with paving stones,” which accurately describes how the small gemstones are set into the ring band. “Pavé the Path” means to pave the way. That something has been prepared for something else to follow and make it possible. New ideas, solutions etc. Everything is possible…
Pavé rings are popular with many couples as they are a romantic and glamorous choice for engagement rings due to their sparkling appearance and ability to accentuate the main diamond or gemstone. The many small gemstones in the ring band give the ring an elegant and luxurious look.

Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Ring, Brilliant Round Diamond Wedding Band, Brilliant Eternity Ring. Brilliant Alliance Ring, Brilliant Eternity Band.

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