Red diamonds

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“Red symbolizes Fire, Strength, Luck, Heart & Love”

  • Red is the color of life, love and heart
  • Fire, passion and eroticism
  • Self-confidence, strength, vitality, activity and dynamism
  • Red is the Chinese lucky color

  • Popularity
    • because red diamonds are so exceptionally rare, they are highly sought after by collectors
  • Rarity
    • rarest and most expensive color
      Australian diamond mine Argyle produces the most red diamonds. Red diamonds have also been found in Brazil.
    • their extreme rarity means that almost all red diamonds have a weight of less than one carat.
  • Color Cause
    • coloured grain from structural irregularities in combination with impurities
      Like pink diamonds, they were subjected to tensions
      → led to diamond crystal lattice deformation → displacement of the slip planes of the carbon atoms caused by small movements of the atoms.
      = “plastic deformation”
      The structural modifications materialize as a series of closely spaced grain lines that exhibit a red color
    • red wavelengths of light selectively transmitted (weak transmission of red light produces a pink diamond)
  • Häufige Sekundärfarben:
    Rot ist die Farbe zwischen Violett und Orange, so dass häufige Sekundärfarben bei roten Diamanten Orangerot, Purpurrot und Braunrot sind.
    • Brown Red
    • Orange Red
    • Crimson
  • Price range Mine diamonds
    • highest
    • usually 100’000.- thousands for red diamonds, no matter how small, often millions
      Pure fancy reds and rare cuts like rounds and emeralds are the most valuable on the market today.
      Typically, color, size and clarity – in that order – are the biggest factors in determining the value of a red diamond.
  • Most valuable / most expensive =
    • due to its rarity, red is generally a valuable color
    • pure red (without secondary colors)
      • Fancy Red
    • Red diamonds are classified as Fancy Red with modified hues. No color intensity grades, since red is at the end of the pink spectrum, when a pink diamond’s color becomes so saturated that it can no longer be considered a deep or dark pink, it appears red.


  • Fancy Red with modified shades (Hues)
  • Have no color intensity degrees → are then either pink or brownish red

Unlike most other colored diamonds, red fancy mined diamonds cannot receive color intensity grades. Red diamonds exist essentially at the pink end of the spectrum. When the color of a pink diamond is so saturated that it can no longer be considered a deep or dark pink, it appears red.

“Bright red” therefore cannot exist in principle = “pink”.

Red diamond with darker tone = “brownish red”.

Famous Red Diamonds

  • April 1987: 0.95 Carat Round (Brilliant) Fancy Purplish Red Diamond “Hancock Red”.
    Christie’s auction → record-breaking $927,000 per carat achieved
  • 5.11 carat “Red Moussaieff Diamond” = largest red diamond in the world
  • The 2011 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender featured only a single red diamond, a 0.80ct Fancy Red Oval cut. To get a one-carat pink diamond sold at the tender, you need one million carats of rough diamonds. So imagine how much rough diamond is extracted to get a 0.80ct Fancy Red.